Surviving Mercury Retrograde: Part Three - Conscious Practices

Surviving Mercury Retrograde: Part Three - Conscious Practices

YOU MADE IT! Today is the last day of Mercury Retrograde. If you haven't already, be sure to check out Part One & Two of our Series. This astrological energy is almost finished influencing our emotions and encouraging us all to dive deep within. As a collective, we've been uncovering hidden emotions and habits from months to years past. For many of us, this cycle may have felt like a metaphoric steamroller has been rumbling down our path, shaking up our experiences to the core. For others, this may have been a time of quiet reflection and healing past traumas. We've cried, had emotional breakdowns, and splurged as a way to cope with the intense growth that’s been taking place. Before we're catapulted into another cycle, (oh, hey 2020!), we're being reminded once again — to slow down and create new habits for the next year. Beneficial habits that will inevitably help us manifest our most abundant lives. One of the best ways to experience a high-vibe life is a strong connection with our inner-selves. Keep reading for some solid tips on raising your vibration with conscious practices.

Clear the Energy 

From Sage to Palo Santo, to Sweetgrass, and resins— smoke clearing is a custom of Native American’s and other indigenous cultures, which uses “the spirits of sacred plants to drive away negative energies and restore balance.” Burn Sage to clear any bad juju and follow it up with copal resin or Sweetgrass to invoke fresh energy & good spirits. Smoke clear before meditation or a yoga session to help bring clarity to your desires and open your meditative mind.

Wake Up Early

Ever wonder how those successful people you see with their amazing fall routines and insta worthy lives do it all? While there's no magic to-do list that will catapult you into wonderland, waking up early has its benefits beyond getting to work on time. The hours between 3-6 am have been noted as the most opportune time to wake up and be productive for maximum success. Waking up before your day “starts” can inspire you to get active, journal or set goals all before your late alarm buzzes. This is also the golden time to meditate, pray, or chant.

Commune with Nature

No matter the weather, make the necessary time to take in some fresh air. There's something very soothing about a quiet nature walk, tuning into the sounds of birds while breathing deeply. Although we’re headed into the coldest months of the year, this would be the best time to get out, even if it’s stomping through white, crunchy snow with a cup of (healthy) hot cocoa, found in part one of this series. Staying inside is tempting but can lead to winter blues. Get up and get out, channel your inner-child and feel the good vibrations!

Please Note: Wild Sage and Palo Santo are now over-harvested due to their more recent, mainstream popularity. Homegrown Sage and/or ethically sourced Palo Santo are recommended if you continue to use them. Now that we have sold out of stock, we no longer sell California White Sage because of this reason. Dried Cedarwood and/or lavender are great alternatives for a conscious change.

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