Our Values


Our Mission is to build and grow a sustainable company that prioritizes the health and well-being of our loyal customers, along with considering our environmental implications in the process. Seeking to do the least harm, always. With a focus on conscious production and an understanding of the product life-cycle once it leaves our hands.  

“Quality Artisanal Products Produced with the Least Environmental Impact.” 

Core Company Values

Produce the highest quality products: Sourcing the best ingredients from reputable suppliers  that prioritize quality, environmental sustainability, and fair-trade practices, that align with our  CORE company values.  

Our products are free of water, synthetic preservatives, emulsifiers, fragrances, parabens, sulfates, alcohols, etc… 

Remain conscious of our practices: Work to always do our best in what we create with the understanding that improvements can always be made. Staying up-to-date of newer/better practices regarding production, communication, interactions with customers & our community; doing our best at all times.  

Keeping Nature at the forefront: Using our time, resources and finances to give/contribute to our environment and our community. We practice and encourage others to consume consciously. We understand there’s only ONE Planet Earth which we are intricately connected to. We have a collective impact and responsibility towards the Earth, its inhabitants and each other.  

Improving the health and lives of our customers: From our daily interactions, sharing resources to educate and spread knowledge, to the products we produce, we seek to leave our customer with a quality experience. Becoming better, more conscious individuals as a result of their interaction with our company. Customer’s should ALWAYS feel valued and  appreciated.  

“We have a symbiotic relationship with the planet. How you treat Mother Earth is ultimately how you treat yourself. Polluting the water we drink, the soil we grow our food in, the air we breath… Consume consciously, supporting companies that prioritize consumer/environmental health.”