"La Flor" Shampoo Bar


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"La Flor" offers a delicious, uplifting, floral and citrus blend made with a combination of Lavender, Sweet Orange, and Ylang Ylang Essential Oils. This invigorating blend will leave you nose-to-bar. Although "La Flor" is made for your luscious locs, it can be used full-body as an all-in-one, which is perfect for travel or the conscious minimalist.

Choc full of castor oil, this bar includes hydrating olive oil, RSPO certified sustainable palm oil, sweet almond oil, and an essential oil blend.

Perfect for dry to normal hair types and/or those with waves and curls.


Wet hair completely from root to tip, once properly hydrated, take your Ari Rose shampoo bar, and rub into your hair beginning at the top of the head. More moisture means a greater lather which should not take long to generate. When bubbly, massage lather into your scalp. Completely wash & rinse hair with lukewarm water. A cold rinse is desired.


Shampoo bars can be a transition for some people who have never used them before. Traditional shampoos have silicones and other toxic chemicals in them that coat the hair and manipulate texture. When using a pure shampoo bar, you may experience a harder feel immediately after. Your hair will dry and soften, although sometimes it takes a bit longer for hair to acclimate. Patience, as with any new routine, is key.


If you don't need to wash your hair every day, don't! The oils your scalp produces are a natural conditioner for your hair. Embrace it. This also helps to naturally soften the hair after washing, as the oils are pulled through your hair while washing.

For an extra boost try an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse after shampooing. This can help with eliminating build-up and residue on the scalp and hair.


"I’ve tried both shampoo bars (la flor & clarity) and love both!! I’ve never felt happier with how my hair turns out after using just the shampoo bar (and sometimes a little skin frosting too). I have no plans of going back to using any other product.. Thank you Jessica! Both you & your products are a blessing & gift!"

Chana Benjamin

09 JUNE 2020

"I've always had long, thick hair and before becoming more conscious about using all natural and sustainable products, I would use a bunch of different products just for volume and shine. LA FLOR has an amazing and intoxicating scent. My hair has never felt so clean, full of bounce and shine in just ONE product WITHOUT any of the toxic chemicals and there's zero waste because its not housed in a plastic container. I loveee LA FLOR!"

Ellen J.

20 MAY 2020

"TI am obsessed with this shampoo bar. Not only does it smell heavenly the second you open the package, it lathers perfectly and leaves my hair feeling clean, healthy, and radiant. I have thick, long hair and was scared it wouldn't get the job done, but I was wrong. I'm converted for life."


18 MAY 2020