Aftershave + Beard Oil

Ari Rose

Limited Stock Available - Please Read before making your selection

Your Valentine Deserves ONLY the BEST! This includes a smooth shave and/or a hydrated beard. For the next 5 Days, when you order our new Beard + Aftershave Oil (2oz) receive "The Deep," FREE. Our newest beard soap bar, coupling as a full-body wash. "The Deep" is scented with rugged Cedarwood and soothing Lavender essential oils. Offering an intense clean, without stripping the skin and hair of its natural oils.

Want to try "The Sexy," shave bar, too? For a limited time, get the complete bundle which includes all three products for $42.99.

You can also add on "The Sexy" or "The Deep," bars for only $8 each. Normally $10 Each.

"The Sexy," can be used full body. A warm and inviting scent. Invigorating the senses and intriguing the mind, *wink wink. Spicy + Sweet Citrus notes, infused with an essential oil blend.

AR's Beard + Aftershave Oil is made with hydrating and nourishing oils of Hemp, Avocado & Sweet Almond, including a sensual blend of essential oils. Ladies, you will not be disappointed... Guys, get ready for all that gentle lovin' headed your way.

As always, no fragrances, dyes, preservatives, emulsifiers, parabens, or any BS added. Skin Food only, never compromising on quality.


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