Ari Rose Story


"It took me a while to realize this business was my calling. I told myself I wouldn't start a body care company, but all of my customers' kept telling me I had to do it." - Owner, Jessica Mann


Daughters' Priya Rose & Jada Ari

Jessica Mann, Owner of Ari Rose™, never planned on starting a body care company. The story all begins with a passion for healthy eating and a baby bump.

At the time Jessica was expecting her second daughter and became keenly aware of what she was consuming both inside and out. After realizing the products she'd faithfully used for so many years were loaded with toxic chemicals, Jessica tossed everything in the trash and decided to make her own. She spent months researching and experimenting various recipes. Once Jessica created a few items she could be proud of, she confidently posted pictures of her new hobby on Facebook. It didn't take long for friends and family to ask if she was selling them. Unsure if she should, Jessica accepted a few orders. Before she knew it, her new customers began contacting her with exceptional feedback.

It took a while before Jessica considered launching a business, 4 whole, long years to be exact. Yet, eventually those same customers convinced her to start a company. This is when Ari Rose™ was born, named loving after her two daughters', Jada Ari (pictured right) and Priya Rose (pictured left). As if beginning a new company wasn't enough of an accomplishment, five months after launching Ari Rose™ was featured on ABC's Windy City Live. The company was also listed in Chicago Woman Magazines, 2017 Summer Beauty Issue.

With her girls' as her inspiration, Jessica is committed to providing the highest quality body care products focused on holistic self-care for the clean and conscious consumer.