The Sexy


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"The Sexy," can be used full body. A warm and inviting scent. Invigorating the senses and intriguing the mind, *wink wink. Spicy + Sweet Citrus notes, infused with an essential oil blend.


"The deep soap and the beard oil have drastically and instantly improved my skin. I never thought I would be able to find something to get get rid of ingrown hairs and irritation. This is it!"

Eric Birts

26 MAY 2020

"Got this for my guy as I'm slowly trying to convert his chemical products lol I already love AriRose and definitely was not disappointed! AND he loves it! His beard has never been softer and all I wanna do is be in it, which he obviously finds to be annoying lol."


29 APR 2020

"I purchased this beard oil along with The Sexy & The Deep for my husband. He’s been loving this beard oil. Says he likes it more than other beard oils he’s gotten. I loved the scent as soon as he opened it. Sometimes I open it just for the scent, it’s very calming."


19 APR 2020