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Ari Rose


Say good-bye, adios, good riddance, sayonara... to dry, chapped, flaky lips. Using the highest quality butters, oils and yellow beeswax, each ingredient works in combination by sealing in moisture to heal and repair your lips. You only have one pair to pucker up with, why not treat them with the love and care they deserve?

Behind the Balm: Our lip balm is hand-made and packaged by my middle daughter, Priya Rose, who at 5-years-old woke up one morning and said she wanted her own business making lip balm. She searched online for a solid recipe and got to work. To start off, we are selling Priya's balms on the Ari Rose website as an addition to our line, however, they are very much her creation :)


Chocolate Peppermint made with *organic *yellow beeswax, *cocoa butter, *coconut oil, Abyssinian and/or sweet almond oil, peppermint essential oil. Recommended for those with very dry, chapped lips, or anyone that likes to feel a that minty tingle on their lips so you know it's getting the job done!

Blood Orange & Grapefruit made with *organic *yellow beeswax, raw shea butter, *coconut oil, avocado oil, blood orange, grapefruit and lime essential oils. Perfect for those who love an all-around lip moisturizer, a delicious citrus scent, and supreme hydration.

An option to purchase 2 for $6.99 is available listed as "Double Up," please indicate which scents you want in the "Notes" section, otherwise, two scents will be chosen for you!

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