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Honey Child

Size: Whole Bar

Our Best-Selling Bar

Grab our most popular Honey Child bar used by customer's of all ages for dry, sensitive skin. Mild and free of essential oils, for those that prefer unscented. Organic coconut milk and raw honey calm, hydrate and sooth the skin.


Honey Child is a best-seller for extremely sensitive skin types. This unscented soap is made with organic coconut milk, organic & locally sourced raw honey, saponified coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, olive oil, almond oil, organic cocoa butter, fair-trade Shea butter from Ghana, topped with organic coconut shreds.


Organic Raw Honey - Possesses antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, contains gluconic acid, a mild alpha hydroxy acid that brightens the complexion, evens out skin tone, and lightens scars and age spots.


Organic Coconut Milk - Assists in anti-aging, sensitive skin or skin ailments, and rich in vitamins A and C, calcium, iron and natural proteins which contribute to a smooth and radiant skin.


"This soap is soo good! Honestly my first favorite is the Sugar & Spice (that one will always be bae) but this one definitely is my second favorite. It smells so good and leaves my skin feeling so clean and refreshed and does NOT make my skin feel like it's been stripped of its natural oils. I love love love all of the AriRose products I have tried."


10 JULY 2020

"I've always had dry and sensitive skin but the combination of coconut milk, honey, cocoa butter, and shea butter leaves my skin so soft and refreshed. Honey Child is so mild and gentle, my skin feels so clean AND it helps with my patches of eczema."

Ellen J.

20 MAY 2020

"This powerful bar has been magical to me and my family. My go to for dry winter months and I've gifted it to my Godson who has eczema. I've purchased many soaps and loved them all but this one is special for it's truly healing properties!


05 JAN 2020