It's Time for Change

It's Time for Change

I recently saw a post online of Fall leaves with the quote,

"The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go."

This gave me a new perspective on Fall, one of my favorite seasons. As life around us transitions to the next stage, letting go of what no longer serves us is a must. Death is also symbolic of life. When one aspect of us dies, we have no choice but to evolve into a better, more amazing version of ourselves.

Ari Rose™ has recently made a transition to this new website. An important change is taking place as the company approaches it's first official year in operation. Some aspects of the business have carried over, while other parts have not.

I want to share a few things with you as my loyal customer base. I am so appreciative of the outpouring of love and support you provided this past year. The changes you'll discover on this new platform are being implemented to benefit both you as the customer and AR as a growing business:

1. Company growth and scale - With growth comes an increase in expenses. Hiring employees, expanding operations out of my home and into a production space, getting the product into more stores, you name it.

2. Efficiency - the more efficient the company is ran, the better customer service you will receive, the faster your items will be delivered to you, the more focus can be made on maintaining quality control so that you continue receiving the highest quality items you've come to love.

Here are some of the changes you can expect on this new AR platform:

• Free introductory shipping on orders over $49

• Prices of products have increased, however, taxes and fees are now included in the price rather than added at check-out 

• A subscription option is available to you, for those that want their AR products each month and don't want to worry about forgetting to purchase

• Pick-ups will no longer be available, yet I'm hoping the free shipping incentives will off-set this change

• A greater selection of products are offered as the platform now promotes other women-of-color and mom-owned company products focused on holistic self-care

• The first 50 people to place their orders on the new site will receive a $5 gift card

Added Bonus - I recently provided a discount code of 20% off that ONLY my current customer base can use

I am doing this because I understand that it can take time to get used to change. I want to make it as smooth of a transition as possible for all of us! I look forward to hearing your feedback on the new site.

I'm eternally grateful for you all.

Cheers to Change, My Loves!

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