5 Tips for Ultimate Vaginal Health

5 Tips for Ultimate Vaginal Health

My Secret to Having a Happy and Healthy Vagina

Our vaginas can never seem to catch a break; periods, pleasure, pregnancy, pH fluctuations, and even perimenopause. Add poor hygiene and crappy diets to the mix, and you'll see why the vagina is easily the most stressed organ in our bodies.

It is important that we pay attention to our "seat of power" and thank her for all the hard work "she" does. A surefire way to keep your vagina happy is by adopting a healthy feminine care ritual.

When your vagina is happy, you'll deal with fewer vaginal infections, no foul smells, no itchiness, no pains, and an improved sex life.

So, if you've been telling yourself "I want to get it right with my vagina health this time and truly know what works" - you're in the right place! Here, you'll learn how to show your vagina some TLC.

Before we get started, if you are persistently experiencing any of the above symptoms, please seek out medical attention. Some symptoms are the cause of a greater issue that require a professional diagnoses. You can use this link to find a qualified OBGYN in your state.

With that said, let's get started!

5 Tips for Ultimate Vaginal Health

What is pH?

pH is the measurement of acidity in the vagina. A normal vaginal pH is between 3.8 and 5. A pH level within this range can help reduce bacterial and fungal infections. Levels outside of this range may lead to infections, and the factors listed below often impact our pH balance.

The right way to maintain vaginal hygiene is by embracing a "less is more" approach and below are some helpful tips:

Wash with Caution.

Too much of a good thing isn't always better. A prime example is over-washing your vagina to keep it clean. Conventional soaps and body washes, particularly those with fragrances, will throw off the pH balance of your vagina. To keep the vulva and clitoris clean, wash with warm water along with a gentle, unscented soap such as the Honey Child Bar soap.

Move Forward to Backward.

I'll keep it real; one of the major reasons why we deal with recurrent vaginal issues is not due to lack of hygiene but HOW you clean yourself.

Wiping your nether region from the back (anal area) to the front (vulva) is the perfect recipe for disaster. By doing that, you could introduce bacteria (such as E.Coli and lactobacillus) from the digestive tract into your vagina. For a good cleanse, wipe from your vulva to your anal region.

Let Her Breath.

Give your "little lady" a breather. Tight clothing such as workout leggings and certain types of materials can create excess moisture in the vaginal area. If you're wearing underwear or clothing that can throw off your pH, be sure to take it off when you get home. Swap out panties or clothing for 100% cotton options, and try going commando when you sleep at night. Let her be free from discomfort and/or restriction, and watch her flourish.

Good Mood Food for Your Vagina.

Want your vagina to stay in tip-top shape? Consume a wholesome, vagina-friendly diet. Your vagina depends on its good bacteria to fight infection-causing bacteria. To support the growth of the beneficial bacteria, ensure you have any of the following food sources on your plate;

Probiotics such as yogurt or fermented veggies, prebiotics including garlic, onions, nuts and seeds, fresh fruits, and vegetables. Also, don't forget to make filtered water your BFF!

Invest in a Holistic Intimate Care Product.

Feminine care products have gotten lots of bad press for obvious reasons; they have done more harm than good. And because it's pretty hard to filter the good from the bad, many of us have turned our backs on vaginal care products. I can't blame you, I've also been a victim. I learned the hard way.

But I'll let you in on a secret that may change your view and give you hope. My go-to? It's My Little Secret.

Yes, you read that right.

The "My Little Secret" feminine oil is in a league of its own. Here's why; the product was tested in an independent lab, and has been OBGYN and dermatologically approved. Many products will add the claim, "dermatologically tested," but they weren't actually approved!

The combination of oils in "My Little Secret" assists with:

  • reducing ingrown hairs after waxing or shaving
  • balances out pH
  • improves confidence in and outside of the bedroom
  • supports vaginal health

Lastly, "My Little Secret" has been tried and tested by real women for nearly 6 years. You can read all the honest and real reviews here. Scroll all the way down to view.

I can say this product lives up to its hype - but I've never been one to buy into the hype myself. When I tell you it's a game changer, I mean it! You'll be glad to have this secret treasure in your feminine care arsenal.

Truth is, our vaginas will always be in work-mode for as long as we are alive. Let's do all that we can to keep "her" happy, healthy, and balanced.

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