4 Unique Ways to Reuse Your Glass Jars

4 Unique Ways to Reuse Your Glass Jars

Plastic vs. Glass? It's no contest. Plastics are filling up our landfills and oceans and inevitably making their way back to our dinner plates. Tuna tartare à la plastic microfibers on the menu? No thank you!

This is why at Ari Rose we made the choice from day one to only use glass jars for our luxurious skin frostings, scrubs & mask, and a paper cigar band around our signature soaps.

The benefits of storing product in glass is that there is no leaching of hormone-like chemicals found in plastics. Don't let the term BPA-Free fool you either, as studies have shown that, "In some cases, BPA-free products released chemicals having more EA than did BPA-containing products."

Many customers' wonder what they can do with the jars they've accumulated. Here are four awesome ways to reuse your Ari Rose glass jars or any glass jar!

1. Garden Jar

Reuse Glass Jar Seed Sprout Garden

Grow an herb garden with a few simple additions including the obvious, soil and seeds! Or even some nutrient dense sprouts to eat with your salads and daily smoothie. Either way, have fun with this cool idea. Tip: Use high quality organic soil and non-gmo, organic and/or heirloom seeds.

2. Spices, Herbs & Loose Teas

reuse glass jars loose teas herbs spices

After growing herbs in your awesome jar garden, dry and store them in your glass jars! You can also save significantly and reduce waste by buying from the bulk section at your local health food store. Store any and all bulk items in your glass jars such as cinnamon, oregano, turmeric, matcha green tea powder, even nuts, seeds, coconut shreds and more! The possibilities are endless. A really great way to stay organized, with a simple homemade label as to what each jar is holding.

3. Fruit Jams & Preserves

reuse jars preserves jams fruit

Did you know that Ari Rose uses canning jars for our product? Which means the glass can be used in the canning process involving high heat. If you have excess fruit you want to turn into jam or preserves, or maybe you want to ferment some delicious veggies, you can make it happen. Another cool idea, simply use jars for overnight oats or to carry fruit, nuts, trail-mix and more on the go. Glass jars can be a great addition to healthy meal prepping.

4. DIY Candles

DIY Candle reuse glass jars

A cool project with the kids or friends, DIY candles! With wax, wicks, essential oils or your choice or phthalate free fragrance, you can save money and make some really great candles. Decorate your home or give them away as gifts, either way, it's a pretty awesome project to do.

What are some of the ways you reuse glass jars in your home? Leave your comments below or share with us on social media #AriRoseBodyCare #AriRoseReuse

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